Specializing in migratory game birds.
Acceptance Mark
You never know when the next animal will be the one you want to mount.
It is important to be prepared and have the knowledge to get a quality mount.
Helpful Information
3 things to take on you hunt are a camera, bag, and a cooler.
The more info that you can give the better your mount will look.
Remember the care you take in the field can directly effect your mount.
Handle your bird very carefully.
One of the most important things is not to gut your bird.
Gutting your bird will only prevent a quality mount.
Rinse as much blood off the feathers as possible.
Be careful not to bend the tail feathers or the wing feathers.
Let bird cool down.
When cooled down, bend the head and neck over the body and place in sealed plastic bag.
Roll it up tight, this will keep feathers in their proper positions.
This will allow the bird to cool down slowly while still letting the skin breathe.
There are different methods the taxidermist uses to mount your bird.
How do you want your bird mounted?
On a limb, walking, flying, or other positions.
Discuss all these options with your taxidermist.
One big thing to remember is where this bird is going to fit in your home.